what is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen on the interstate?

…because I’m pretty sure I’ve got you beat with this one.
objects in mirror

This monster of a truck was spotted on I-81, which is otherwise one of the prettiest roads out there…


 …although the following sign, also mildly troubling, does appear frequently:

still don't know what this one means

Interestingly enough, Virginia (where these photographs were taken) is (I believe) the only state that outlaws radar detectors in cars. Which I never understood any more than the speed-enforcing aircraft, UNTIL we stumbled upon a pair of the most underhyped, unexposed wonders of the world: the Virginia Natural Bridge and – more importantly – FOAMHENGE (descriptions and photos forthcoming). I imagine people must come from all over to catch a glimpse of these attractions, and they probably speed like mad in crazed anticipation…

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