beets: an update

rosy drinks all around

For an even prettier pink smoothie (and a way to take the edge of beet juice, which, while delicious, does still smell faintly of beets, which some people just don’t like no matter what), try taking the original beet juice recipe I wrote about earlier (below and here) and swirl it into a smoothie of blended vanilla yogurt, orange juice, three strawberries and a banana.

bird's eye beet view
from the top

The original beet juice recipe:
3 red beets
About 1 cup orange juice
¼ cup sugar or honey

Trim stems from the beets and cut off the ends; peel and cut into 1 inch cubes.

Boil the beets in water for 20-25 minutes (the older the beets, the longer they’ll need to cook), till tender.

Drain the beets and add them in a blender and add enough orange juice to cover about half of them. Blend well, adding additional orange juice if necessary to produce a smoothie-like consistency.

Add sugar and/or honey to taste – start with a small amount and add gradually, as the beets and orange juice are surprisingly sweet on their own and don’t need a great deal of sweetener to bring out the flavors.

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