best barbeque in nc/sc/va

…is at the Three Lil Pigs in Daleville, VA, outside of Roanoke.


You can see for yourself; it was so good that we didn’t even have time to take a photograph before we ate it all:


They offer North Carolina style barbeque (which is vinegar-based) and Virginia style barbeque (which is tomato-based) – both of which are best served with pulled pork – and a special Jamaican jerk sauce that’s especially good on chicken and fish. It’s honest-to-goodness traditional style barbeque – they have a huge on-site smoker for hickory-smoked meat, plus an enormous outdoor deck, so basically there is no reason to pass it by if you happen to be anywhere near southwestern VA. And if you’re not, they ship their sauces anywhere…

she's got sauce
also: pigtail curly fries and peach ketchup!!!

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