road trip by the numbers

on the road in western michigan

Days it took to travel from Charlotte, NC to Monroe, Michigan: 14

Days it took to travel from Monroe, MI to Charlotte, NC: 1

Dead deer seen on the side of the road on trip from Monroe to Charlotte: 6

Percentage of trip from Monroe to Charlotte spent on I-77: 80

Number of times the Moroccan dish chicken rafisa was made on the road trip: 4

States visited in two months of traveling: 9

Countries visited in two months of traveling: 2

Number of community theater/student productions seen: 3

Number of professional theater/music/dance productions seen: 4

Museums and galleries visited: Too many to count

Number of vineyards visited: 5

Magnitude of shock and awe and disappointment at the American people for voting Siobhan off American Idol: immeasurable (seriously, we go to Canada for a DAY and this is what happens??)

roadside glass sculpture in honor of siobhan. we will buy your records, ms. magnus!

2 thoughts on “road trip by the numbers

  1. Bags of starburst jelly beans consumed: 127
    Number of VA tourist traps eagerly photgraphed: 8,000
    Times our highway speed was monitored by VA aircraft: 3
    Number of Grace Kelly dolls in the Trail of Tears Museum: 1

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