this is what a moroccan cappuccino looks like

Hello world and followers who are miraculously still visiting my much-neglected blog.

I have been cooking, just not blogging. But photographs have been taken. They are coming. Soon. In addition to cooking and taking pictures I have been writing, swimming, looking for pirates, reorganizing my closet, reviewing films, and some other things. I will soon take a break from all this mess to start sharing recipes again.

In the meantime, I was reminded last week of the particular delights of the Moroccan cappuccino. In Morocco, “cappuccino,” a friend and I discovered, is actually code for a qahwa nos-nos (that is, half steamed milk and half espresso) with an unjustifiable amount of good whipped cream on top and also chocolate syrup. They are delightful. And challenging.

fortunately i am always up for this particular challenge

If only cappuccinos in the U.S. were this exciting.

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