kale for three

This is a recipe adapted from a recipe that was adapted from a Persian recipe. It’s a way to achieve a tasty kale dish without too much butter…caramelized onions add a bit of non-buttery richness, and the vinegar/wine cuts through the cooked-green-taste to give it a fresh bite.

kale and hearty
kale and hearty

I say kale for three because that’s how many I had at dinner that night, and it sounds cool, but really this recipe makes enough for four to six, if you’re using it as a side dish.

Kale for Three

You will need:

Lots of kale, rinsed: I used as much as would fit into my deep cast iron pan lightly packed.
1 onion, sliced thinly
½ cup good vinegar or white wine: I used red basil vinegar. If using vinegar, try a lighter or more delicate or fragrant one. Any wine will do.
1 tablespoon sugar
Butter and olive oil
Salt and pepper
Walnuts (optional)

onions make the world go round

First caramelize your onions: in some butter and olive oil in a large, deep pan and cook on medium high heat till translucent; add the sugar and cook, stirring occasionally, on low for about 20-30 minutes, till your onions are partially caramelized.

Throw your kale on top, add the vinegar or wine, and fill the rest of the way three-quarters of the way to the top of the pan with water. Cook on medium high to high, stirring occasionally, till the liquid has boiled off almost completely. As you stir you should ensure that all the bits of kale are getting their turn at being cooked in the liquid and drinking in the glory of the onions.

and to caramelize onions...is to gaze upon the stars

Once the liquid boils off, add a pat of butter (for good measure!) and olive oil, and salt and pepper, and sauté for a bit, adjusting for taste. Add crushed walnuts if you wish for a  little crunch.

a mellower shade of green + plenty of steam

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