arugula pesto & lobster ravioli

So this one is totally cheating because I cannot take any credit for it. It’s all due to dear friend and travel buddy Kate, who swooped into town with a batch of delicious fresh arugula pesto (and, to a lesser extent, to my old standby in times of final papers and comprehensive exams, Trader Joe’s, which supplied the pasta).

i got stripes...

Arugula Pesto & Lobster Ravioli for Two

Note: this is best eaten at midnight after you have enjoyed an extravaganza of South Asian dancing immediately followed by an enthralling evening with the one and only Marcel Khalife. But I’m pretty sure it would be delicious anytime.

You will need:

1 package of Trader Joe’s lobster-stuffed ravioli

1 generous bunch of arugula
Olive oil, salt, pepper
Cup of walnuts
Cup of parmesan

Blend all the pesto ingredients together and adjust for taste.

lighter and crisper than basil and every bit as green

Cook up your pasta.

steamy stripes that is

Heat up your pesto with a little olive oil and a little extra parm.

Mix and enjoy.

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