at the border; at the shore; on the edge of things

rocks at the border
rocks at the edge/near the border
concrete & barbed wire
concrete & barbed wire

Today’s photoset is a collection of images taken either at the border between Lebanon and Palestine/Israel or elsewhere in the south of Lebanon. As I look over these photos and prepare to fly over several borders on my way to Jordan, I’m rethinking the various lines and borders I’ve encountered over the past few months. Thoughts include: the ways that borders divide people and the ways they drive them together; the borders we see and the borders we can only feel; the borders that are created and exist inside our heads.

flags, 1
flags & borders, 1
flags, 2
flags & borders, 2
watery edge
watery edge (visible: Tyre beaches & nature preserve; Rashidieh refugee camp; the shores of Palestine)

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