alf ruman wa ruman 4: pomegranate and apple chutney

Part four of a series inspired by pomegranates, 1001 Nights, and pomegranates in 1001 Nights (see also parts one, two, and three.)

This is the lazy one because it’s essentially just an on-the-fly adaptation of another recipe, my cranberry-pomegranate chutney. Why the apples? Why because they were prominently featured on 1001 Nights Baghdad shopping lists, of course…

plenty of pomegranates left to go round
plenty of pomegranates left to go round

To make it, simply follow the linked recipe above but with the following substitutions and amendments:

Omit: onion and fresh ginger
Add: an apple, chopped into small bits
Substitute: golden raisins for half or all the dried cranberries
To sweeten: use 1/2 a cup of honey and 1 cup of white sugar

…and that’s it! The mix of tart and sweet makes this a great companion dish for m’tabbal during an appetizer course.

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