asilah: sea mist & murals

This is the first of a series of photosets from my trip to Morocco last month. Upon landing I took off to Asilah, a northern coastal city that packs all of Morocco’s charms into its small medina: excellent food, great architectural lines, a gorgeous coastline, and, between the ubiquitous public murals throughout town and blue accents that set off nearly every building inside the old city, plenty of color. It was the perfect place to reflect on my experience in Jordan – and to begin thinking about where my life might wander afterwards.

sculpture by the sea
sculpture by the sea
horse by the harbor
horse by the harbor
star-shaped cement by a stormy sea
non-alliterative image

Dear Asilah, I wrote sitting here, Your sea is so blue and the sky so fierce it aches

A slideshow with more Asilah photos is here. All of my photographs are available for purchase as prints and cards of various sizes.

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