it’s five o’clock in cairo

I left Cairo about a month ago, and I miss it a pretty much enormous amount. I’m back to the capital of the American empire for another spell in the ivory tower (so far I’ve delved into Abbasid metaphysics, politically committed modern Arabic poetry, and paradigms of gender and the law..if you are me, this is very exciting, even if it is not Cairo). In the transition I’ve fallen behind on blogging, but there’s a lot in the works, including a series of recipes recreated from medieval Arabic cookbooks.

While I pull those together, I’ll be publishing a few pieces about living in Egypt via Medium (check out my latest here), and continuing to add recipes to a side project, Thyme for Drinks. It’s a Pinterest page featuring the best cocktails I’ve come up with in the past few years.

scotch sour cairo sour cairo in feb

There are images of (in order) my Scotch Sour, Cairo Sour, and the Cairo in February. Head to Pinterest for these recipes and more (those are continually updated and new recipes are tweeted, so follow either account for the latest updates!).

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