foodways in the middle east & north africa: a bibliography

This is a work in progress, and will be updated every few months. Currently the list is primarily works in English, although it’s slowly expanding to include others. Thus far I have focused (not exclusively) on historical and cultural studies and cookbooks, rather than policy or scientific publications, based on what I know and my own research interests.

Suggestions for new additions are welcome! ann [dot] gaul [at] gmail [dot] com.

History & Culture

This list includes academic books and articles in addition to blogs, websites, and publications by outlets such as Slow Food chapters in the region.

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Cookbooks & About Cookbooks

Rather than a comprehensive list of cookbooks of Middle Eastern cooking (too many!), I’ve sought to include cookbooks of particular historical or cultural significance: the earliest print cookbooks from a particular country, cookbooks from the Arabic manuscript tradition, or cookbooks that present exceptional ethnographic or historical research.

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