eating lebanese in tangiers

a taste of lubnan on the western shores of the mediterranean

Restaurant Ali Baba

Located right on the water, with a front open for sea views or great people watching, the Moroccan-Lebanese-1,001 nights-decor of this Lebanese-style restaurant reflects its diverse menu offerings, which range from the full parade of Lebanese mezze (the more people share, the better the deal) to Italian style pizzas to traditional Moroccan dishes. The wait staff is friendly and the coffee is excellent. It’s not Lubnan but it’s a passable substitute for anyone craving hummus, baba ghanouche, or some really delicious kefta. And they are happy to box up leftovers for later!

Restaurant Ali Baba
+212 539 321 294
Avenue Mohamed VI No. A36, Tangiers

kibbe, just a small part of the mezze cavalcade

For a slideshow of more Ali Baba photos click here.

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