a different sort of monster truck

walmart trucks
those trucks are orderly...a little tooooo orderly.

Speaking of, has anyone else noticed Walmart’s massive rebranding of late? I’m not sure if it started before I got back from Morocco but I’m intrigued – especially when it comes to their supposed new commitments where local and organic foods are concerned (read here about a Walmart-Whole Foods smackdown…you’ll be surprised at the results).

The other day I went shopping in a Michigan Walmart and it was a little surreal. It feels like a different sort of store than the Walmarts I’d been in pre-2007. The aisles seemed wider, the lighting seemed gentler and more flattering, and they had a great selection of footless tights. I did have a pretty good time trying to figure out exactly what population they’re targeting with this latest makeover…Obama supporters? Foodies? People who wear vintage clothing? White people?

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